Inside & Out Book Tag

Hello fellow readers, I thought I'd do a little tag called the Inside and Out Book Tag which I originally saw Holly post on A DayDreamers Thoughts, and thought, yeah, I want to do that tag.

This tag was created by  MathomBooks  from Youtube.

I Inside flap/Back of the book summaries: Too much info? Or not enough (Discuss) 

Depends! I normally make sure I've checked a few reviews on the book before buying it, but when I do go to book shops to take a "risk-buy," I find it varies on the publisher. I've bought a book and the inside was nothing like the blurb! I don't think there is anything as too much but there are some that definitely have a minimal amount...not enough!!

N New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest: Audiobook, E-Book, Paperback, or Hardcover?
I want to say that I like hardbacks. I like them in a sense that they look nice on my shelf. But then reading-wise, I prefer the paperbacks.

S Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in your books, taking notes, making comments, or do you keep your books clean clean clean? (Tell us why)
CLEAN! I LEAVE MY BOOKS CLEAN! I am a perfectionist when it comes to the way my books look, so other than my To Kill A Mockingbird book (which I had to reluctantly annotate for GCSEs) my books are all clean clean clean.

I In your best voice, read for us your favorite 1st sentence from a book.
I don't think I have a favourite first sentence of a that bad? O.o 

*scurries upstairs to look at opening lines of books*

"It's been sixty-four years since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three since scientist perfected a cure.
~ Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

D Does it matter to you whether the author is male or female when you're deciding on a book? What if you're unsure of the author's gender? 
I don't care. I think that the majority of my books are by female authors but I don't subconsciously think, "Ok, this book is by a male, it's a no buy." It just so happens that all the books I want to read are by female authors. But I couldn't care less about who writes what, as long as I enjoy it.

E Ever read ahead? or have you ever read the last page way before you got there? (Do confess thy sins, foul demon!) :)
I have to confess. Yes. I DID used to read ahead and I USED TO read the last page of books. I did this to books that I found really slow, sometimes flicking a few pages to see if I have anything to look forward to further on. 

On reading the last page of a book, it didn't bother me that much because I would read the final line and I would forget it when I do finally read the end anyway. But I have stopped doing this.


O Organized bookshelves, or Outrageous bookshelves? 
Organized - I think my shelf is pretty organized. There are some that lie down, some that are upright but that's because I have to try and create as much space as possible for the future ones, because our house is quite small and there's not enough room for another shelf! This is more of a personal opinion but I stick with saying it's organized!

U Under oath: have you ever bought a book based on the cover (alone)? 
Yep! Who hasn't though? It's more of a thing I used to do, but not so much anymore. When I first started reading, the covers that made me want the books. It's actually how I found my favourite author, Sarah Dessen.

T Take it outside to read, or stay in? 
Take it out as in the garden? Because then that's a yes. I sometimes read on the train if I'm on my way to London. Other than that I'm a reader at home. I never take my books to college.
And there you have it...the Inside & Out Book tag! Which is also my first tag that I thought I'd do as a nice 'get to know me' thing.

So how about you? Up for the tag? 

Have fun and thanks for reading!
Until next time,
Sabrina x


  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said :) I like hardbacks because they look great but reading them is an agony. And yay for organized shelves and clean books!

  2. I thought that this was an interesting tag, so I did one on my new blog too!