Book Review: The Moon And More by Sarah Dessen

Title: The Moon and More
Author: Sarah Dessen
Published: 4th June

AAHHH! Another Sarah Dessen book! I've been lucky enough to get a copy before the publishing date in the UK and I can't believe it. I wouldn't categorise this book into what Dessen normally writes, but a much more older, mature and a bit more realistic feel to it. I love reading Sarah Dessen books and she is one of my favourite authors so to read something very different from her usual, it is really nice for a reader.

Emeline lives in Colby, a small beach town that is there for the tourists. She works for the family run business Colby Realty and has her committed boyfriend by her side for the summer. But then Ivy Mendelson and her determined and ambitious intern, Theo, come to Colby.

"I'm not saying that, you know,we never get to go to the beach, you know, let loose. Fall in love and be different, with no permanent record."

And with the circumstances that suddenly turn out, Emeline might get exactly this. Will it be the Best Ever After?

"There's a difference between father and dad. And it's more than the three letters."

But on top of this her father also comes along to Colby to do have some "buddying" holiday with his son, and Emeline's step-brother, Benji. The relationship with her father is much more complicated than it seems, not even looking at her when she was a child and then broke a huge promise about getting her the education that she could never afford. Will this trip mend their disastrous past?

This story introduced some new and some old characters. The old, from Dessen's other books, came to give a wave to the reader and there was a little catch up between them and Emeline. As well as out well loved locations, Last Chance café and Eli (from Along for the Ride) named his bike shop ABE'S BIKES(!) (*insert your freak out here*...if you know what I mean..if you've read Along for the Ride).

Then we move onto the new, and this is where I have to really think about it. I'm a bit on hot and cold. I loved Morris and Benji. I can firmly say that they were the characters who stuck out. Morris, just because the way he's so caring about everything and I love the chapter where he takes Benji to eat the fudge ripple.

Now for the main characters. Emeline. Theo. Hmmmm. Theo is from NYU and as he soon as you hit the pages with him, there is a clear opposite between Emeline and Theo. Emeline has stayed in Cobly and is more than comfortable about where she is. Everyone knows mostly everything. She is shy and as we read further into the story, you see how much she keeps to herself. Whereas Theo, claims he has a wider-eye to everything and knows best because of this, which made me slightly annoyed with his attitude as he runs from page to page. Let's say he is *very* driven.  There is also another large contrast with the fact that Theo is the "tourist" and Emeline, who has been living there for a long time and she knows a great deal of history behind everything. With beauty from one persons eye, it can be misery for another.

Overall, I found this a really great read. This book has taken a new turn, which has worked out perfectly and it is definitely worth reading. It shows off Sarah Dessen's talent and how she can vary everything up, like her more serious book Dreamland.

Book Review: Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Title: Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Published: August 4th 2011

So, Anna was looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta...she did not expect her parents to send her to the S.O.A.P (School Of America in Paris) which, yes, is in PARIS (but thank her parents that they did)! Anna meets Mer, Josh, Rashmi and most importantly meets the charming American with a British accent and a French name, Étienne St Clair. But the only problem is that he's taken...and "it's complicated" has taken a whole new turn of events.

The romance? Tonnes. Anna doesn't even realise it at first though, we get a great character development from when she first moves to where she becomes a bold individual. As for Étienne: bonjour! Ca va? Swoon-worthy? Yes, I definitely think so. Étienne won't let Anna sit around in her sulking, when she has the beautiful Paris around her. I would definitely let Étienne take me round Paris anytime. He can keep a conversation light hearted, jokes and teases.

Stephanie Perkins has never been to Paris?! Yes, that's right, Perkins has never been to Paris but she has managed to capture the beauty and excitement of the city. After reading this book I couldn't help but want to go to Paris again!

Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntely Fitzpatrick

Title: My Life Next Door
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Published: 14th June 2012

Meet Samantha. She has everything ready for her in the long run, her fundings all laid out for her. Her mum running for Senator, dating/working with a younger man and keeps their house clean. When I mean clean, I mean spotless. Perfect.

So it's no wonder why her mother doesn't approve of the Garretts lifestyle. Meet their neighbour, the Garretts. Loud. Messy. Wild. Samantha only wished she could be a part of it. To be a part of something that is the complete opposite of her house. She watches them, outside her room. It is only when Jase Garrett notices her, climbs up to her hid out and takes her to the other side; her life gets turned upside down.

I really enjoyed reading about Samantha, who is a character who wants to look after everyone and do what is best for them. She is great with the Garrett family and just seems to get on with them so well, whilst at her house it is a completely different story. Even when it comes to the tricky situations, she knows her morals well.

Jase. Yeah, so Jase is pretty much perfect. He is one of the eldest in the Garrett family, fixes everything and adores his family. Perfect right?

But we have to cross the spotlight to George, a four year old who bouncing from page to page. A fun kid who is full of fun and laughable questions and statements. He truly reflects those curious young kids who just want to know everything. He is the main part of the humour in this book!

This is Fitzpatricks debut book and I think she did a brilliant job.
I will definitely check out her other releases.
A thoroughly enjoyable read!

Are You Following the Allegiant?

Veronica Roth has given it to us now!

I feel like now seems like a great time to do a round off of what us Divergent fans have been given, so here we go...

We now have the title, the tag line and most importantly, the official book covers for the US and the UK!

So here we have it:

Personally, I don't like the UK cover as much as the US cover. But the UK covers as a collection stand nicely and especially because they are SO different from one another. The main reason why I like the US covers is because of the symbols, the Dauntless and then the Amity. But for the third one, what do you think? A wave? Which fraction do you think that could represent? It's definitely not obvious and up to our interpretation until Roth tells us so. But until then, we will all have to wait til October to get our hands on a physical copy of Allegiant. *sigh*

So many sites have been commenting on the bottom building on the American cover, it is in fact the Chicago airport!

Do you see the similarities too?

I think it's so funny how people have managed to figure out where the image of the building at the bottom, when it is a small minor of the cover. However it certainly does increase the hype of this book, because we all know that along with the airport on the cover the film is being filmed in Chicago, RIGHT NOW! (Yes, I am very excited over this fact)

While we're on the topic of Allegiant, I might as well go onto the film. Heard anything about it? I am surprised how quiet it has been. We have seen some sneaky images from the set and a few of them filming on location. But what about the cast? They have been very under wraps about this film and there are only 4 pictures of the cast around (as well as the very first video we saw of the cast)

But we do have our movie still that has been out for a while. The knife scene! How could you not remember this scene? Showing Tris' selflessness in this scene in the book, there is also a whole other chapter on it but from Four's prospectus...we all got a bit too excited for that chapter ;) - all very good.  I was really surprised how quick we got a shot of the film, it was only a couple of days after they started!

Doubts about the movie still? Not pleased? You have nothing to fear (like what I did there). Veronica Roth has been visiting the set and on her visit said she saw the knife throwing scene, saying it is "very ture to the book."

If you missed her post on visiting the set make sure you check it out by pressing here! - She also talks about talking to the cast, what she was able to go round and see as well as the fact that Uriah is not going to be in Divergent!

UPDATE: 15/5
Literally seconds after posting this post what so happens to appear?! Nothing other than ANOTHER still from the film! (Click on the image for a larger version)

FIRST JUMPER! FIRST JUMPER! Wow, I love this picture, her costume, the other initiates and the building...the height! I feel a little sick because of the height, and this is only from a photo! So the feel I'm going to get when I'm watching it...Gosh, I can't wait...

But I must say, that I am a little disappointed that there is only Tris, yes, i know there are other people standing behind her but she is the focus. No Will, Al or Christina...or more importantly Four!

I am desperately hoping for a glimpse of any of those characters, or maybe a photo that doesn't have Tirs as the main focus, maybe her parents, Jeanine, Eric, Caleb? Just anyone? Who do you want to see in the next still?

Insurgent has now got a scriptor, Brian Duffield, looking forward to that...I don't think I need to add "if it gets picked up for the second film" because I have a feeling it will be picked up for all three films that it should be. But who knows, do you think it'll be four films at the rate of what Hollywood is doing to films nowadays?

Last final thing, make sure you check out some Divergent fansites, because I know some of them are flying off to have a tour of the set and talk to the cast of Divergent! You can send in your questions and they'll ask them personally for you! Have anything to ask our shining stars who are taking on our beloved roles of Tris and Four, Shailene Woodley and Theo James? 

A load down of who are our Dauntless cast:
Shailene Woodley (Tris), Theo James (Four), Jai Courtney (Eric), Christian Madsen (Al), Miles Teller (Peter), Ben Lamb (Edward), Ben Lloyd Hughes (Will), Zoe Kravitz (Christina), Amy Newbold (Molly).

Send your questions to either one of these tweeters:

That's it for todays Divergent update!

I Am Selfish.
I Am Brave.

Until next time,


Book Review: Between The Lines by Tammara Webber

Title: Between The Lines
Author: Tammara Webber
Published: 14th February 2013 (published in the UK)

After reading Easy, I could wait to read Between The Lines as I thoroughly enjoyed reading Easy. I was even more excited when Penguin picked up Tammara Webber's books to publish in the UK as when I bought Easy it was a self-published version. But saying this I was a little disappointed in this book.

It's Emma's big break, she has managed to pick up the main role of Lizabeth in an modern Americanized remake of Pride and Prejudice. Who's working alongside her? The world famous and dreamy Reid, who plays the charming Mr Will Darcy in the remake. There is chemistry in the auditions and Reid wants to see if there is anything more, outside of the words "ACTION!"
But looky who's here. Graham Douglas (a much better person to be crushing on!) Emma and Graham seem to get on straight away and she finds herself comfortable in his company. But as they also spend time together, she doesn't know who to choose.

Secrets are kept by Reid, Graham and Brooke Cameron, who seems to be part of Reid's past...and a large part of it.

I find it sad myself that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wish I did. Obviously, Emma is overwhelmed by everything as she starts her big role as the leading lady but along the way...I think she became increasingly blind. It became increasingly annoying as she seemed to go round with what she "thought" was right but wasn't! Near the end I just wanted to slap some sense into her because she was reading the signs ALL wrong!!!!

This book is split into two narrations. Reid's and Emma's. I have to start saying that I did initially like Reid, but by the end of it...I couldn't stand him! I have already commented about a little on Emma but to add to this I loved some of her character development. It did reflect the entertainment biz typically. Naturally, leaving her best friend, Emily, and hanging around with the celebs in the movie was bound to happen. Emma becomes lost and it from that strange her character build made it a thoroughly enjoyable narration, especially when the realization hit.

I definitely need to read the next book! The ending left me happy, it's so cute! The book covers the process of the "before filming" to the "end of shooting and everyone goes home." I'm expecting lots of complexity when I get my hands on the second book to read, especially on one certain character (the male...I won't tell you who though...spoilers!). It sets up a great read for the next book!

Book Review: Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer

Title: Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2)
Author: Marissa Meyer
Published:7th February 2013

Before you read this review, there is a HUGE spoiler so I recommend you read Cinder before you read this review (read at your own risk)

Scarlet is introducesdus to another fairytale with a twist. Scarlet's grandmother has been kindnapped and it's up to her to find out where she is. Along the way she meets Wolf...*hint* *hint* ...and he agress to help her. But can we trust a character who is known to be bad in the original Little Red Riding Hood?

Along side this we get a continuation from the last scenes in Cinder. We know that Cinder is Princess Selene and she is on her way out, as in she's gunna run. Throughout the book she is running away from the "evil" and trying to run towards those who may have answers about her being. Then, a strange turn of event, Scarlet and Cinder's stories collide together...

I love how Marissa Meyer is able to give these fairytales a modern furturistic twist to them, Scarlet - a girl who wears a red hoodie and carries round a gun = *pft* mind blown! But along with this she is a strong female character who really cares for people who are close to her. Sadly, she does carry a characteristic from the original Little Red Riding Hood but there wouldn't be a story if she didn't!

The book is well balanced with action and romance. Kia still carries the loyal role around and whatever he felt for Cinder he swears is gone...(but we all know that's not true) But the more I read this book, the more I started to dislike Kia. He just gives up a little too easily for me, as a Prince I expect someone to fight til the VERY end...He is just a character who just gives up...gave up on Cinder...gave up to Queen Levana at the end of Cinder. But we all have flaws.

Wolf and Thorne. The two new "side-kick" characters. I enjoyed Wolf much more than Thorne, Wolf bringing much more complexity to the book whilst Thorne was like the "comic relief" throughout the book. He followed Cinder and whilst she was all very serious about discovering her past, he gave the odd one or two comments that brought the mood up a little. I adored Wolf, his confusion and loss...loyality to his pack and his overal character build through the book. Wolf surprised me. The idea of the pack was different and was really interesting, especially about learning the rules that follow the pack. The ending between Wolf and Scarlet could be seen as a little cliché but I thought it fitted well with the themes in the book.