Expectations of 2014

2014 is a very busy year for me. Priority-wise, my blog takes the second the last place (which even to me sounds so bad!) But I thought I'd take the little time that I had tonight to write something about what I want out of this year. 

So, my expectations of the year ahead:
- A lot of studying for my A-levels - hitting the books!!...well the revision books..
- Stress
- Mass panic with every and anything
- Uni (*hopefully!!*)
- Divergent fangirling -  this is more of a fun thing but this is the year everyone!!
- Reading - significantly less
- Watching the classic films that are we are supposed to watch at least once - a stupid task I set myself for this year, which is one of the busiest and most important years, education-wise. 

Sound all a bit random? I guess I just wanted to let you all know what I'll have on my plate. My education and getting a place at Uni is really important to me. Getting to experience Uni in general is also something I really want to do. But then where does this blog come into?

Right, so, expectations from I Have To Read That:
- Sometimes/majority of the time only one or two posts a month - this will be up until the summer though, when exams are over and done with! 

That's as much as I can say. I want to say I have more for this blog but I can't chuck more work onto myself. 

However I can assure you that I will be alive on Twitter! I don't think I can leave the book world completely! (As well as GoodReads, I'll be on there often too.) I'm quite a talk-active person so don't be surprised if I break into full conversation with you on Twitter, I'll need my break once and again...don't be afraid 

And now my time is up! :(

Back to homework! 
We will speak again soon
Sabrina x


  1. Good luck with everything! :) Sometimes life has to come first and acing your A levels and getting into uni is definitely more important. I'm sure you'll do great! x

  2. Good luck! I hope all of your expectations of this year go as planned! :-)