January Roundup: How's The Year Going So Far?

I can't believe I'm already writing a January. I really haven't done all that much this month. Reading has been slow and then blogging and reviewing has been so much worse!

Goodreads Challenge: A month in and Goodreads is already nagging at me for being 2 books behind schedule! 

Personal Reading Challenge:
Only one book read...


Not looking all that great..

The books I did get round to reading are as follows:
Submarine by Joe Dunthorne
Dare You To by Kaite McGarry
Tidal by Emily Snow
Cress by Marissa Meyer

I know, hold onto your seats...I've just read a mind-blowing amount of books. But the truth is that I've been having weird swings where I can't seem to settle. I'll read the first few chapters of one book and just put it down. The worse thing is is that I know I'll love it, but I just can't seem to keep a hold of it. And so because of this I just haven't been in the greatest of moods, reading-wise.

The books that I bought this month and really shouldn't of:
The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Where You Are by Tammara Webber
Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

More like retail-therapy buying as well as the fact that when I bought books back in December they were all dystopian-y books and I've been in a bit of a contemporary mood. 

Personal Life:
This month has been awful. I don't feel comfortable broadcasting the happenings family-wise here but it has been a pretty rough month. 

College-wise, it has also been hard. I didn't realize how soon my exams were and how quickly the time is passing. Maths is the real challenge but hopefully tutoring will soon cheer me up with that.

Something that did spring up near the end of the month, that is a little better, is my plan to organize a month of celebration for UKYA at my college (which will count as part of my Gold Arts Award) but I can't wait to organize it...when I get funding from the English department....but yeah, I'll do a post about this when it's officially a go (so now if you don't hear anything about this in the future you'll know my plan has failed... XD)

Next Month:
Finish reading the half read books I have lying around my room and get onto the other books I have. 

Finish all the draft reviews I have stored up...

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