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So I was tagged by the lovely Orli from Blame My Bookshelf. As well as giving me this tag, she has given me the task of tagging others who HAVEN'T done this tag...oh no...

But before that, here are the questions and my answers...

How old are you?

What book are you reading?
Heart-Shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne

What are you wearing?
Blue Jeans, grey top, grey hi-top converse (which are fluffy inside) and a cream wool scarf.

Is that ok?

I'm not sure why you'd want to know..


It's the first fandom that I've been submerged in. Before, no other book or anything has ever been so consuming (well, I was a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers when I was younger...they've split soo..)

But anyway. Divergent.
 Literally. My life. 

Or Lake and Will from Slammed <3

Blogger or Wordpress?
This is tricky. Yes, my blog is on Blogger but the Divergent fansite that I help with is on Wordpress and I do like the format there - It wasn't so hard for me to figure out.

 So...Wordpress...just wins by a tiny tiny bit..

 Going outside being active or staying in and reading a book?
I really love love love hiking and I'd love to go caving and things like that but because of where I live, staying in and reading a book is the only option.

What is the last book you read?
Cruel Summer by James Dawson - It was so good!!

What is the book you're going to read next?
I haven't decided that yet! I pick and choose when it's time rather than have a set list of books I need to read.

eBooks - yes or no?
Yes (If novellas count..?)

Where do you prefer to read?

Or in the summer, I like my conservatory.

Who is the last person you tweeted?
By the time I write someone down to the time I type this, it'll change, but...

The last person was @DivergentsUK via my personal twitter account!

Who's blog did you look at last?
Daisy Chain Book reviews - I just read Arianne's review on Salvage by Keren David.

 Who is your favourite blogger?
I really love Jamie's which I only recently discovered.

It has loads of fun tags and booky related posts that I think are really awesome.

Outside of books, I'm really into DIY stuff so:

A Pair & A Spare is pretty awesome

And also..

High on DIY

 Who is your favourite booktuber?
Priscilla on Readbles - I adore her videos (and also her accent...yeah, I just had to say that..)

What do you do when someone tells you reading is boring?
I don't really care. Depends who they are, I normally just comment that they're not reading the right books. But other than that I let them be.

Who is the last author you spoke to?
Spoke to in person: Veronica Roth
Via email: James Dawson

 Who is the last person you texted?
My friend, Beth.

 Who is your all-time favourite book character?
Seriously? You're making me choose?

I am a really heavy USYA reader but that was because I was never really aware of many UKYA authors! I'm trying to even out the playing field now though! At the moment then, it's USYA.

What is your preferred drink whilst reading?
Tea or peppermint tea or Chinese herbal tea stuff or water

...not all that exciting...

 If you hated reading, what would you be doing instead?
I think I would probably be a film watcher. That or maybe a gamer. Or maybe one of those crime tv show junkies.

 Three things I wish I had more time to do.

How many bookshelves/bookcases do you have?
I have one bookcase (that doesn't live in my room)
One bookshelf and then a tiny mini bookshelf (that live in my room)

Confused? Yeah...sorry...

If you had the choice to meet all of your favourite book bloggers or all of your favourite authors, which would you pick? You can only pick one.
Is it bad if I say authors?

 I feel really bad, but literally all my favourite authors are American and NEVER come on tour in the UK!

Insta-love- yes or no?
It depends on the book. Sometimes I can deal with it, sometimes it's all round wrong!!

 Favourite author?
Sarah Dessen

What is the number-one book on your wishlist?
At the moment, Panic by Lauren Oliver.

Do you prefer books with female or male protagonists?
I don't really mind to be honest.

I think that reading about a female protagonist who's in a dystopian world and badass feels a little more empowering and cool.

 But then I love reading YA romance novels with the perspective of both the female and males. The guys are always really cute...

Which is your favourite book-to-film adaption?
Can I say Divergent even if it hasn't come out yet? Is that cheating?

Ok, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire is pretty awesome.

What is the last song you listened to?
Can I just say Hunter of his songs, they're currently on shuffle as I type this.

Which do you enjoy reading more - negative reviews or positive reviews?
I enjoy both.

I really like the really really negative ones of books that I enjoyed because it also gets me thinking!

Who are you going to tag?
Ok, so here's the part that I suck at!

I tag..

Kata (I can tag booktubers right? Oh well, I just did!)

Jayd from Books, Food & Other Things

Kelsey from Verbosity Book Reviews


Midnight Page Turners

Please say I haven't tagged anyone who's already answered these questions 

I will cry...

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