Can I Just Fangirl for One Moment? {New Divergent Trailer}

I'll give you a bit of behind information about my fangirling with Divergent. As I said in my Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014 I joined to be part of the DivergentsUK fansite team. That was pretty much the time I found out that I was becoming a proper fangirl.

It's got to the point where I travelled to a Waterstones during one of my frees during college to find out they hadn't gotten Allegiant in store yet and cried. Full out cried on the phone to my mum. I had a whole elaborate meal planned out with a burger and chocolate cake and everything. Literally not even joking ->

In the end I had to go back after college and buy it. I stayed up all night reading it.

Moving on from there... 

Ok. So last night Theo James and Shailene Woodley had an interview with Jimmy Kimmel where they then showed the final and last Divergent trailer. Then today, they released the official trailer on Buzzfeed.

Oh my gosh.

Have you read the books?

Have you seen the trailer?

I feel like it's Christmas or something. 

The day basically went like this for me.

I was briefly on twitter this morning, before college when I saw someone who lived in the UK had already watched the trailer that was shown last night on Jimmy Kimmel. Clearly I was missing out in her major excitement so asked her where she saw it, she tweeted me the link. 

I thought: 'oh, my computer isn't on and I want to watch it in real nice quality on the computer. I'll wait until I get to college and watch it on their computer.' What a mistake. I emailed myself the tumblr link, was all like: 'YEAH - lets do this!' and the url was BLOCKED! Yeah, so you might say I had a *minor* panic attack...I did end up watching it on my Ipod....(it was a little out of sync) but it was the most amazing trailer...I really think they've done an incredible adaptation of the book!

I mean the part where Eric spoke, I was just like: Yes - you are Eric. When Tris is head to head with the dog. When Tris jumped (which is the scene I am most looking forward to watching). When we see Natalie. I was just all over the place. The ferris wheel. The crows. And then the fighting sequences near the end!!! Oh my god...literally could not do anything but stare!

But then (thank god) my fangirling counselling friend Lauren (basically Divergent is my first experience in the "fangirling" thing and she is a long time one so she "helps"/understands me through tough time, so wish I could say I was lying), logged onto tumblr and got me the Jimmy Kimmel interview with the trailer on the computer (she skipped to the trailer) and....dear was even better.....eyes and mouth wide open.

Lauren said to me as we walked out of the library: "You know when people say you look like a smiling idiot? You are a smiling idiot."

But the truth was, I literally couldn't help it! I was so giddy after watching that trailer! It was so packed and everything was explained so much better in it than in the previous ones, which would of only made sense if you'd have read the books. I was so pleased!

The only thing was the one on my iPod had clips with Eric in and the one in the interview didn't - so I was a bit like what the hell?

During my Arts Award lesson, I watched the interview. AHHH! The ziplining was so jokes. It made me laugh so much. And...oh Theo, Theo, Theo. He is just...yeah...he is so awesome. So British. Shai is just so naturally beautiful without trying, she always has that "grounded" feel...she's just so natural, make sense?

Moving on with the day, I had a free period 5 (1:50 - 2:55) and so during that free I showed my other friend, Beth (who hasn't read the book or anything) but puts up with my fangirling because I have the most frees with her and I put up with her excitement over her things. She asked the usual questions about the whole Divergent world....whilst I happily answered them. I also told her I would buy the book for her to read so I can then drag her to the cinema with me because I have no Divergent fan buddy :( I need to make one so I can do book references and all that!

The official trailer was released at 11am in America and 4pm here in the UK and the only thing I could think of was which one was right? The one with Eric or the one without?

My lesson finished a little earlier than usual (I was let out at 4:10) so I headed straight to the library to find out (also having to drag Beth with me to watch it because she was walking home with me and I wanted her to watch it's full release too). YAY! It had Eric in it! Even though he doesn't look like the way I pictured him in the book, I am literally in love with him in the film because he just looks so intimidating and tough and yeah...

Pains me to say though. Annoying how they tried to fit "I know what you are" into a clip where Four says "Keep tension here" to Tris from the first trailer. Literally the most obvious thing ever!!!

Phahahaha - What an entry. That is basically a diary entry of my whole day - Divergent news wise! I've watched it quite a few times...

That was a mix of random ramble and a mix of my fangirl thoughts.

Hope everyone a good day too no matter what you were doing :P

Who else has seen the trailer? Thoughts? :D

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  1. Yaay Divergent fangirling! I can't wait for the film, after seeing the trailer I want to read the book again but the book I'm reading at the moment needs to be read by Saturday so I can take it back to the library. Decisions, decisions!

    Rosie x |