Book Review: The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

Title:  The Perfect Game
Author: J. Sterling
Published: October 2012 (Amazon Publishing)
Pages: 379

Cassie swears that she won't fall for Jack, the hottest guy around. Girls chase Jack everywhere. But with Cassie, it seems that Jack is doing the chasing and as much as Cassie denies the fact that she likes him, she knows there's something more. Before we know it they are together, but being with the top baseball player isn't such a smooth ride as she'd hope. Can she change Jack's old ways?


Urgh! I don't even know where to begin. I am just SO disappointed in this book!! I had such high expectations after reading some reviews.

I found the scenes in each chapter way too short and there was a definite lacking in description, especially during the beginning of the book making it much harder for me to "connect" with the characters. 

This book is split between the point of view of Cassie and Jack.

Although Jack was supposed to be the "playboy" of the book, nothing set that real vibe. His character didn't stay constant throughout the book, which didn't make him a very good love interest to follow (*shock horror* a bad boy who isn't swoon-worthy, what is this?!). Cassie, our other main character, was  worse than Jack, Jack I could tolerate, Cassie though...Urgh. She's not that hard to win over and then once she is she goes rampaging around and screams her jealously everywhere. I felt that both Cassie and Jack's personal issues weren't explored as far as they could of and so throughout most of the book I felt like I was just on the outside.

Time was also a big issue for me in this book. First it'd be a day skip, then a week, then a month! First date...*boom* a month later. There is so much that could of been fitted in between those days and I felt like I was missing out!! I just wanted it to be expanded on so much more!

Positive? The twist was like...whoa. Did not see that coming. But then it kind of fell back on itself again by not being detailed enough...Urgh. 

So upset that it didn't fulfill my expectations.

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