Busy Blogger.... (quick UPDATE!)

I have discarded my blog quite a bit, I have to admit. Balancing college and book reading/blogging is a tough job! Wow, how do people do it?!

Anyway, a little quick update...

  • I have finally managed to find time a little time between homework scribbles to read! So there are and will be some reviews that are going to be up this month and the next month too!

  • On top of this I have also opened a twitter account dedicated to this very blog! I know that on my personal twitter, I tweet very frequently so this twitter page should hopefully be filtered with everything...Books! Go go go --> @IHaveToRead_

  • In my earlier blogging I commented about joining Movellas, which I wrote about here, I don't know where to begin! It's been crazy being able to share my work and the feedback is amazing. I totally recommend it for every creative writer out there!! (This wasn't really much of an update, just a bit of ad, really)

Ok, now I'm off to write some reviews ;)

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