Book Review: Flat-Out Matt by Jessica Park

Title: Flat-Out Matt
Author: Jessica Park
Published: 25 March 2013

DO NOT read this book or this review if you have NOT read Flat-Out Love.

First off, I need to thank that Jessica Park for writting this amazing cute companion book! I was so thrilled when I heard she was writing this and, like many of her other fans, I had to put my say in on what I wanted in it. Damn! She got it spot on!!

Flat-Out Matt is a companion book to Flat-Out Love but from the much loved Matt's point of view!! This book is split into several different chapters, two of which are prequel chapters before the events in Flat-Out Love and concluding with the last chapter that is in Julie's point of view, for very important reasons ;)

Chapter 1 is a killer, I was ready to break down after that single chapter. Why did Finn have to die? Finn was funny, charming and would be such nice brotherly figure to look up to. He was so energised but loved his family dearly. I loved how we were able to read about Finn and his interaction with Matt. It all seemed really natural and you get more of an insight of the "normal" ways before Finn died. 

Now, the main point of this book: Matt. Matty. Oh, Matt. Matty. If you didn't fall in love with him during Flat-Out Love (which is hard to think you wouldn't) then this will just knock you right off. Jessica Park did not disappoint in giving us a preview on where Matty's mind was at during his first sending an email as Finn to Julie to going on a date with Dana and it going terribly wrong. You get to see the build up of Matty's emotions as he falls helplessly in love with Julie. Even though everything about his exterior is alright, inside he holds everything back. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the "adventures" that him and Finn had together which he reminisced on when sending e-mails to Julie.

I would like to say that Celeste seemed to jump out the page so much as I read through this book, much more than Flat-Out Love. Her personality just shone through and she didn't seem like the insecure girl, she was really fascinating to me! Just everything she said, her interaction with Matty, her whole persona. I loved it!

Trust me, this companion book is equally as amazing as the book Flat-Out Matt. You will not be disappointed!

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