Behind This Reader, Is There A Writer? [Part 1]

I always enjoyed creative writing. But the strange thing is that when I was younger I never really considered the idea that creative writing can be something that can be pursued as a job, or that I wanted to be an author. It is only recently that it's come across my mind. The reason being that I am currently looking into going to Uni and the various courses.

I guess what you're about to read is an extension of my About Me page. But to all those keen readers out there, do you ever consider writing yourself?

When I was younger I would never write anything and to be honest, I never really read anything either! I had a diary that only lasted a month or so because I got bored of the routine after a while. Whenever I did write, it was for school. My oldest and fondest memory of writing was in year 3 in primary school. We were told to create a story from the idea of "a hole in the fence." Mine was insanely strange and didn't really have any plot to it. I remember writing about going beyond this "hole in the fence" and finding an alien there, where it then ate me and whilst in it's mouth I discovered a bomb...which then, of course, blew up and I died. I also remember in year 5, this story also lead to these characters being eaten. It was based on these different fruit and veg who were trying to escape but (sadly) the human came down and ate them (they later died in stomach!). I remember this story being SO long that whilst my class were watching a film, I was still writing.

Since then, I discovered books! And what a brilliant world they are. I have never been so wrapped up in anything other than the world of books and reading them.

I guess when I say "creative writing", I mean writing stories, in some shape or form. It was probably around when I was 15, half way through year 10, when I sat down in front of a computer to type whatever came out of my head. I remember it was the time when I had just recently finished reading All American Girl  by Meg Cobat and loved the idea of a prince and an every day girl. I titled it "Prime Man" as the main character Sammi falls in love with who she thought was the Prime Minister's son...but then later find out he isn't! Dun dun dun! Haha, it's pretty cringe-worthy stuff, here's a little taster of my awful writing inspired by Meg Cobat:

I need to get away. I can’t deal with the phones ringing in my head and a never ending noise of chatter. Having a load of shots before leaving the club was a bad idea. I practically run out of the office and quickly walk to the park round the corner where I find an empty bench which I sit on. I lean back and shut my eyes, listening to the birds chirp their little hearts out.

“I thought I told you to wait?”

I jumped and I opened my eyes. Brent. He smiled and sat next to me. This is not my day.

“So what happened to you? You just left me there. I had to ask to find out what happened to you and Rebecca said you basically ran out of the door.”

I ignored him. I just wanted him to leave, so I just sat there and didn’t say anything.

“Ah, I see, were playing the ‘I’m not speaking to you’ game. Alright then, I’ll talk to you and you can just sit in mute zone. But I have to warn you I may get annoying!”

“What do you want from me? Do you just want to get laid or something? ‘Cause if you do your talking to the wrong girl.” I fold my arms and wait for his response; he seems surprised by my outburst.

“If I wanted to get laid, I would be able to find another person who will be much more willing than you. No, you intrigue me. I‘ve read some of your articles, including the one about my dad and I’m impressed. None of the shit that other journalists normally write.”

Now it was my turn to be shocked by what he said. I suddenly take in the fact that, although he is the president’s son, he is also an average twenty five year old.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now if you excuse me, I need to get back to work.” I get up and start to walk away. He gets up and walks beside me.

“Are you just going to stalk me or what?” I pick up my pace to try ditch him but I know that he’s not going to. He’s on my heels.

“Like I said, you intrigue me. I was wondering if I could take you out some time?”

“Take me out?” I almost burst into laughter, “Won’t it be bad for your image, being seen with me, a journalist? Where’s your girlfriend?” I look around and the carry on moving.

“I don’t have one,” he slides his hands into his pockets, “And I think that if I was worried about how people see me I wouldn’t be talking to you now.”  

Interesting right....? Realistic? No. I find it so funny when I read back over this! I wrote quite alot and they're all split into smaller chapters, but I never wrote an ending. I had a beginning and middle-ish part, which I couldn't wrap my head around properly...(it involved a love-triangle!) I guess you could say I lost the plot of it all and ended it, unfinished. I have been always troubled by the middle sections of books and therefore never make it to the end! Is it always this hard?

When did you start writing and what you write? Better or worse than my extract?...i don't think it could be worse ;P 
Is there a writer in every reader or is reading just a side hobby and nothing more? Comment below, I'd love to hear all your views :D

Coming Soon: Behind This Reader, Is There A Writer? Part 2!

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  1. I'm currently writing my Liebster Award post but I got distracted but this post! So technically this is all your fault for writing such a lovely interesting post ;D

    Funnily enough, when I was younger I struggled with reading and didn't read anything bigger than those fairytales that you have to read to the teacher to test your reading until middle school. After that, I had an on off relationship with reading until I started Harry Potter and then BOOM! I was reading all the time.

    I didn't start writing until the end of middle school. It was mostly because while my mum was working I had to stay with my dad at his workshop after school, and I usually found that I'd finish my reading before it was time to come home. One day I just started writing, and it somehow turned into a god awful story that was over 150 pages long. To this date, it's the longest and most awful thing I've written. I daren't even share extracts.

    I think your extract is great! It's definitely not as bad as you make it out to be. While it may be dialogue heavy, I know nothing about Meg Cabbott's writing so this may be because you're using her as an inspiration, or because of the particular things going on in that point of the story.

    After that I just carried on writing, and hopefully next year I'll be applying/getting into my dream uni to do Literature with Creative Writing. Woo!

    However, I don't think that all readers have to or want to write. Like every hobby, it depends on the person! However, every writer must read! It's the only way to learn how to write really, apart from actually doing all of the writing itself.