Confessions of a Book Addict #2: Getting to Know Me - Methods, Aims and Goals

I feel that my blog is quite stale in the fact that all there is is reviews of this, reviews of that and then the one or two events that I go to. Since my climb in twitter followers, I thought maybe it's time to casually blog. I mean, what better way to get to know someone, right? Well the next best option to actually meeting someone. But anyway. I'm starting now, currently sitting in my semi-empty college library, typing whatever comes out of this brain of 9:22am.


I have a confession to make. A cliché confession for an addict reader, rebooter of a book blog and also collector...of books.

When I was younger, I always got that bit excited when I'd go to a Waterstones to look at and then buy books.

Part of my younger messed up age, when my parents went to the till to pay, I would insist that I would want to pay for my own books. Clearly, there was something wrong with me then. Looking back I would of shouted at the younger me for throwing away my money when my parents offered. Yet there is something that made me feel proud, walking out with a bag full of book.

That's the past. Let's move forward a few. Unlike many book bloggers, I've realised that my book purchasing varies. I haven't really figured out which method is better but I have always seemed to go forth with this method because it allows me have a 'buying break' and 'attempt' to do more saving before another buy. I normally purchase of books every three months. I collect up ten books or so from my very long to-read list on GoodReads (I blame GoodReads for making me aware of so many more books!). Now, saying that it sounds like this task is a walk in the park. Errrm, sadly, no. I spend, probably, two evenings sorted out which books have made it to my three month buy list (too many books in the world! WHY?! haha..)

Even with this method I don't yet have a full shelf! I know right, an obsessed book buyer without a full bookcase? I guess my mission is to try fill my shelf up but then again, don't. Yes, what an achievement it'll be if I could fill it up but the thing is my house doesn't really have any more room for shelving instalments. This is kinda the reason why I take so much time picking out books because I have come across some books that I did not like at all and I spend my own money on them too! Maybe it's now that I'm older, I'm constantly watching out for my money savings but when I spend money on a book and don't enjoy it, it pretty much makes me so annoyed because I didn't get the enjoyment I paid for. I've found that it's pretty rare now but maybe it's because I've finally found what I enjoy.

Wow, ok, to be honest I don't really know where this post is even going. I just seem to be rambling.

When I first started a blog I was in year nine. I wanted to become a journalist and this blog was going to be a spot for all the goss in America, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers (who have now split!!! Childhood me is crying in the corner) and Selena Gomez. Obviously, I had a change in interests as right now you're reading on a blog about books. This probably hit during the end of my GCSE years when I was debating whether or not journalism was something that I wanted to push forward with. I don't know what triggered my sudden mission to become of the book industry but that is essentially my goal. Book industry meaning, I want to become a publisher. Help people get their work out. Then within that, I also want to be able to encourage younger people to write. Adventures. Romance. Action. Everything and anything. I love the fact that there are communities for people to share their work online and it amazes me to read peoples work who are younger than me. (I wish I knew what I wanted to do that young because they basically have a shoe in.) I want to help those people keep going. Encouraging them to carry on. Maybe create a book which holds their stories published. I really do love the fact that there are so many people writing. Maybe my thoughts about it are a bit way and beyond but I want to work with one of the writing platforms online.

Lastly, I want to be an author. I'm still a bit tentative with this path. It's still very new and it's taking me a while to even take in the fact that it is a path for me. My parents weren't all that happy by the choice, which is why the thought also scares me. But, yes. I want to try to become an author and give back what other authors have given me. Their long filled days writing the novels they produce.

Strangely, writing this has been very relaxing. Maybe it's just because of the welcome I got, so I don't mind writing this sort of thing. Everyone is book-y and it's kinda nice. I only have two or three friends who are book-y really. But I hope that within this post you have got to know me a little.  

I can't wait to post one of these again.

Any suggestions of topics?
Until next time x

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