Confessions of a Book Addict #2: My Dilemma - Books I Wish I Was Told To Read

I'm a bit of an odd reader.

You must be thinking: "What? Odd? Aren't we all?" - but this is my weird book dilemma. I have issues with reading about characters' that are younger than me....yeah, I know, weird.

I'm not even sure where this issue of mine came from but it normally depends on the book and what the characters are like I guess.
Being 18, I sometimes find it hard to pick up a book based around a 15 year old because of the way they act. It has been easing off slightly since I read Night School and also Geek Girl, but there are some characters who are beyond stupid...and so annoying I could just slap them for being so immature. I can just about cope with books about a 16/17 year old. Just about. 

But as I've grown up, with a reading habit that kicked in quite late (well for me I think it kicked in quite late) and also the fact that when I went book shopping I had no clue which books were good. As a result, during my younger ages, I missed out on some book series and stand alones that I wish I could read but I'm scared about the age gap between me and the characters. For that reason, I have decided to compose a list of those books so that you can ensure you read them before it's too late!

1. Percy Jackson Series

I know. You haven't read Percy Jackson? WHO ARE YOU? 
I am most annoyed having not read these books but when I was younger I was attracting to those "girl" looking books, hence my love for romance novels because it started at a young age. Yes, he does age as the series goes on but then reading about a 12 year old for me is a bit odd. It kinda makes me feel useless. But I know (from, like, everyone in the book world) that this series is amazing and is a series you need to pick up to fulfill your childhood reading.

2. Nancy Drew 

Don't yell at me. Ok, Ok, yeah, another series that i haven't read. To be honest, I actually had never heard of this series until two years ago or so. But the series sounds great and the collection of the book is huge, if I could go back in time and also have enough money, I would of bought these books. 

3. Narnia

Yep, never read Narnia. Not even after the film came out. No. A stupid mistake but it's something that I'm not as afraid to go back and try to read. unlike the other books, Narnia has the staggered age range which I may find easier for me. But if you haven't read these books, I would literally classify these books as classics! Make sure you read them!!

4. Children Classics

I'm not a very good reader of the classics. They never really appealed to as much as the other contemporary books available. I don't even know if I did start reading them at a younger age I'd be able to read through classics more easily. But either way, I recommend you pick up as many as possible. 
Books that I missed out on, I wish I read:
- Five Children and It
- Treasure Island
- The Railway Children
- Tom's Midnight Garden

5. Princess Diaries

I have read every other book by Meg Cabot other than The Princess Diaries. Maybe I'm just put off by large series' or something but I have missed my chance with these books. 

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  1. I just read book 1-4 in the Percy Jackson series and I wish I had read them when I was younger!