Event: European Divergent Premiere

[This post a little unfinished but I wanted to get it out there before the film release!! More pictures and text to come soooon!]

In all odds, I won tickets to walk the Divergent European Premiere red carpet in London as well as to watch the film itself. For the whole weekend the Leicester Square garden was transformed into the dystopian world of Divergent, with Erudite's directing our aptitude tests and the Dauntless cheering us with a mini capture the flag game.

My friends Beth, Jack, the 'cool' Erudite and me :)
As we queued for the fan experience, we had Erudite's entertain us as they pick out Divergent's to burn by Steven (a very awkward role play if I say so myself *cringe*). As the time came closer to the gates opening for us, they soon multiplied and we were then picked on. Luckily we got an easy escape as I asked for a photo with them where they later commented how I was a "smart one." ;-) 

Collecting our wristbands, we were in! We tried everything we could - No trampoline or rock climbing for us gals though, since we were in dresses...and heels! But we had to take the aptitude test, play capture the flag and replace Four and Tris in the Divergent poster! The whole fan experience feel was so much fun and the Dauntless actors were amusing to talk to. 

THIS guy especially...he was perfect....
The charming Dauntless, Beth and me.
He is so unamused!
Daunltess: How do you know I'm nice?

Me: Because you're talking to us!

Daunltess: So what? Hitler spoke and he wasn't nice.

I definitely have a good stack of photos both with the actors and just of the surroundings.

Just a bit before we headed out, I got a chance to stop and say hi to Alison, the only Amity in sight! It was great to meet her, having spoken to her on Twitter several a times!

Other than that I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone else. I did spot Amber but then she walked off before I got a chance to go up to her - but definitely next time!!

Heading out we grabbed a quick lunch, and sooner than ever, it was time to queue to walk the carpet!! ....AND WATCH THE FILM!!!

Before we were allowed to step onto the carpet, we had to queue and choose faction wristbands from five choosing bowls. The wristbands decided where you'd sit in the cinema. Unfortunately, when we got to the bowls there were only two options left. In a panic with where to sit and what bands were left, we grabbed the Candor ones. 

As we entered, on our seats there were t-shirts as well as a free drink awaiting us. The screen was playing the footage that was being shown outside, which was really nice because I didn't feel like I missed out on anything. In my fangirling state, as I walked into the screen room, Miles Teller and Jai Courtney were on screen...dear god, I had a massive fit...Jai Courtney...!! But anyway...

All the stars, Shailene Woodley (who plays Tris), Theo James (Four), Kate Winslet (Jeanine), Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Will), director Neil Burger and author Veronica Roth came on stage to introduce the film....

*Lights die down and all goes quiet*

*Whispers swears to oneself, scared, nervous and in shock that I was about to watch the film*

The film was AMAZING. I was in complete shock at the end of it. I went in with high expectations but open minded with knowing that scenes would me missed and details missed. The cinematography in the film is beautiful with the CGI not being overdone. 

Cast-wise it was perfect. I didn't have any issue with it anyway so really, I was all up for the full film impact. Shailene played a much sassier Tris and Theo held his power and vulnerability as Four. Kate Winslet showed that she can make a great villain, from the very start there was always something unsettling that was always there, kind and firm but unsettling. I know people were annoyed about the way Eric looked, but I think Jai was a great Eric. Even if he wasn't what the Eric was like in the books, he still held the power and he stood as someone you'd never mess with. 

If I had to criticize it, I was disappointed in the relationship and character build in the movie. I felt that not all the characters got the full spot light they deserved (i.e Eric and also Peter). Due to the lack of relationship build the loses weren't as emotional as they could of been and some were just not dwelled on at all! 

It was all really cleverly shot with the highs and the lows as well as the odd humorous comments that were just perfect. Being so overwhelmed by the film, I ended up crying! Oh why do you mention something so pointless as that? So, basically, I'm a rock. As soon as I felt a tear drop...OH MY GOD - THE FIRST FILM THAT'S MADE ME CRY!!! So naturally, now this film has a sentimental value to me..

(I've now watched this film for the second time and have put more thought on it. Yes, I loved it but there are some small yet meaningful scenes that were missed out. I think the scenes that are put into the film are focusing on 'what could look beautiful on screen?' more than 'let's tell a story which delves into the characters and relationships.' But then again, it's from book to screen and it's impossible to put everything that's on the page!

The annoying thing with me being me, I know that they've filmed it and there are photos and clips in the trailer that proves they've shot it, so I am hoping for at least a three hour reel of deleted scene! - If not I will be very disappointed...)

I just wish the day was longer! I had an amazing time...and I did return home with a freebie or two...(which I have no room for in my room).

It may have to do with something with these boards
...and a bit of begging...
Ok,  A LOT of begging, but so worth it!
Because I was searching for these boards, I didn't get a chance to see Ben Lloyd-Hughes leave the cinema, as my friends told me after. It made it all that much worse when they then went on to tell me that not many people went up to him! Gah, I so would of been flailing around him, I love the whole cast so much!!

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