Time To Choose Some Reading Challenges...

So it's time.

Having rebooted my blog in the middle of the year and engulfing the book blogging life, a new year is arriving and I must choose a book challenge for 2014!

Ok - so I've been digging around trying to find a reading challenge that is a real "challenge." One which I love is the Rewind 2014 Challenge - but the books I read are already normally delayed compared to others as I rarely buy books on the same year as published! 

So it got me thinking, I can set myself my own challenge right? So here we go...

 ~ I just remember that I have my A2 exams in 2014 so I won't be able to be reading at my normal leisure! The numbers have been cut down with the brackets one being the original number I wanted to do - if you feel up to any of the challenges yourself. If you have exams, I'll allow you to do the same numbers as me ;) 

UKYA Challenge:

What? Read 5 or more books (Read 10 or more)
Who? Read any UKYA author, whether published via a large publishing house or self-published
When? 1st January 2014 - 31 December 2014
Why? Not long after I rebooted my blog did I realise that my reading for UKYA was very minimal compared to my other US book collection. I really want to start reading books that are from home. No Americanized spellings. Back to the greatness that lives in the UK

Some books I'm hoping to get through:
Adult TBR Pile Challenge:
What? Read at least 2 of my adult books in my TBR pile (Read at least 5 of my adult books in my TBR pile)
Who? Read any author with book classed in the genre adult fiction or non fiction
When? 1st January 2014 - 31 December 2014
Why? These books have been sitting in my TBR pile for so long and I think it'd be awesome to finally sit down and read them!

Some books I'm hoping to get through:

Just one more now...

Graphic Novels/Manga Challenge:
What? Read 2 or more graphic novels/manga books (Read 4 or more) 
[Cost of graphic novels/manga books are expensive! I'm keeping the number low for a reason!!]
Who? Any and everything!!
When? 1st January 2014 - 31 December 2014
Why? After reading V for Vendetta, I started to wonder why I've put graphic novels off for so long! I enjoyed it so much and I really want to get into them so much more!!

Some of the graphic novels and manga books I've been eyeing up on GoodReads:

Three challenges too many?
I don't know, but I guess you could say I got a little excited on my first post of making up my reading challenges....ahhh...oh well..

A page will be added which will have all my book reviews that are part of the challenges - if you're curious to know which books I managed to read!

So what are your reading challenge(s) for next year?
Feel free to tag along with one of mine and let me know below so I can check out what books you pick up too! :D

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. Ooo, my goals are actually quite similar to yours! :) I don't have any exams coming up or anything like that but I've never been good at sticking with my challenges. I always sign up for a dozen different ones and keep forgetting about them. :D But I definitely want to read more YA - especially UKYA - books this year.

    Cruel Summer is a must read, if you only read one UKYA book make it this one - it's fantastic! :) It's definitely one of the best books I've read last year.

    Good luck with all three of your challenges!
    (Here's my post if you'd like to check it out) x