Book Review and Book Soundtrack: SOULMATES by Holly Bourne

Author: Holly Bourne
Published: 1st September

This book is Holly Bourne's debut and it sure has got me excited about what she has in store. 

What if your love was so strong it could destroy the world, without you even realising it?

The book follows Poppy, aged 17 and totally against the idea of love. The meaning is rubbish. It's soppy. Cliché. Ew! Enter Noah, the guitarist from the new band Growing Pains, and something inside Poppy changes. A tug. A draw. Something unexpected. Before she knows it, her and Noah are falling so deeply for one another, it terrifies them both. Their chemistry sets sparks. Makes the floor shake beneath them. But not in a metaphoric way. 

URGH! This books is amazing! It's so beautiful and SO unique. I've never come across a book that twists a romance in a way this book does, almost having a supernatural genre in the mix. 

But then doesn't this make this book become really unrealistic? No. This book is completely romance. Grounded. I have read many US author romance written books which I find to be very fantasy, dreamy and unrealistic. Compare this book with them, this is very cute and much more realistic. Why? Her friends. They are totally like the friends that I have which made this book much more intriguing to read. Both supporting and a great sense of humour.

Favourite character? Frank. Although the book covers little of him as a character I think there is a lot more to Frank. The hate love relationship with Poppy is the obvious crush symptom, but poor him, he's not Poppy's type and I guess we can't argue with that. 

So I have decided to do a pick of 6 songs that I would put with this book. I think 6 would be a good number, right?

1. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat 
"I get the tingles in a silly place"

2. Stutter - Maroon 5 
"All I want is to be with you always"

3. You and Me - Parachute
"If it was you and me against the world"

4. We Owned The Night - Lady Antebellum
"Tell me have you ever wanted
Someone so much it hurts?
Your lips keep trying to speak
But you just can't find the words"

5. Lightning In A Bottle - The Summer Set
"Singin’ aloud right at the moon
We’re making out
Life’s never felt so good
Bring on the storm
We’re wilin’ out tonight
Then you lost your shoes as it started to rain
And your jeans soaked through
But you smiled anyway
Throw our hearts in the air
Hearts in the air"
6. Burn The Night Away - There For Tomorrow

"The world told me I should disappear cause I'm falling in love with you"

There. Six tracks that I thought could complement the book. I found myself enjoying this much more than I thought and I could continue music searching, but I will leave it at six. The songs are more or less is the order of the book too...but you'll have to figure out why by reading the book ;) 

Have you read this book yet? What songs do you think would go well with it?

Also, do you want me to do more book soundtracks? Interesting? Or just boring?

Happy reading :)

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