That's right...I've become...inspired.
How? Why? When?

I guess you can say it was after attending that mini award ceremony and the discovery of Movellas. After going to the award show, I went to check out the site for myself....and now, I'm a new fledged movillain (a bit of Movellas lingo for ya ;) )

I have been told that this writing community is very welcoming and you are welcomed with open arms. Yes, this is definitely true! I've have tried out a creative writing site called Figment, which is American based, and in comparison with that site Movellas is ahead already! I've been welcomed with open arms and people are so aware of one another on Movellas, whereas I felt so lost in the billion people in Figment.

Another reason why I also transferred over to Movellas is also because of it being based in London and I found being on Figment I was unable to join in on any of the competitions because they were all American based (which I found so annoying!!!)

Anyway, as soon as I started I quickly transferred some of my old writing pieces over to start off with. One of the pieces is very old and the other a little newer...but both short pieces which I thought would be nice to have up as a little "starter". Another factor I love about Movellas is the fact that you can see if your piece has been read or viewed by someone else. It doesn't say who's read it, it just gives you a little number saying that someone has read a specific piece. Then like many social networking sites, there's a favourites button and a like!

As a consequence of being inspired, I have also decided to start writing again. I am desperately hoping that I can get further than the beginning chapters and maybe finish a semi-completed book (semi-completed meaning that I'd still need to going back to edit and tweak, a draft book). I have a good feeling about this one....fingers crossed it all goes well!

Anyway, I'd like to share my experience with the lot of you, the readers, here on my blog, find the link to my page below and I hope maybe you join too!

My Movellas Page

A short blog post today but I am super excited about becoming fully involved in this writing community and also experimenting out my writing, stretching it and improving it!

NOTE: I am not saying there is anything wrong with Figment! There are some great features that are on that sight, I love the reactions buttons and I will miss them loads. If you are an American, it is definitely a site to check out because the competitions are amazing! Many of the stories I've seen on the Huffington website on one of their sub-genre sites, which is how I discovered Figment in the first place. So just because I transferred, doesn't mean Movellas is 100% better. Just my thoughts :)

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