Book Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

Title: Easy
Author: Tammara Webber
Published: 25th May 2012

Loved this book! The opening was went right into the story, none of the long description, straight in with the serious stuff...

Jacqueline lets her boyfriend take over her life, like what school she goes to and who her friends are, but she never thought he would break-up with her after three years. Jacqueline is devastated and she can't bring herself to face him in the economics class for 2 weeks. But then she manages to get her act back together and tries to catch up on all the work she's missed. Her economic teacher recommends she gets tutoring from Landon, but as she is unable to go to the tutoring times, they email one another the worksheets with a flirt-ish comments which shouldn't be allowed.

But as well as this she finds herself noticing Lucas, the "emo-boy" who sits at the back of the class, notepad and pencil drawing and constantly staring at her. Jacqueline's friends are surprised to her attraction especially as they never thought she'd be attracted to a "bad boy." But he is keeping a lot of secrets from her which is very significant to what their relationship could become.

And Buck, a creepy but innocent looking boy, won't leave Jacqueline alone. Let's just say, she doesn't want to be near him at all.

Lucas was a surprising character, the way he acts you think he doesn't care about anything related to school but he has so much more behind his "can't-be-bothered" looks. He is what you could call, the knight in shining armour. His character development in Easy is brilliant and I can't fault it. Lucas is caring, strong and will stand up for the people he loves - what every girl wants. 

I felt the Jacqueline was very real and I could relate to her in her action she does throughout the book.The panic, the fear, the curiosity and then her attitude towards...well everything. I liked the fact that when something personal bothered her she just expressed how she felt.

The main secret was easy to pick up but I like the whole storyline and how it all ended. Super cute, almost reminded me of the ending in the book The Last Song  by Nicholas Sparks.

Recommend this book, got through it in half a day, could not put it down!!

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