Book Review: The Awakening by Stuart Meczes

Title: The Awakening
Author: Staurt Meczes
Published:23rd February 2012

Alexander Eden is unhappy. A geeky, social pariah, he is the victim of perpetual bullying at school. His home life isn't much better with a stepfather who resents him and a half brother who is better than him at everything.

However, that all changes the day the mysterious and beautiful Gabriella De Luca walks into his life. Everyone wants to know her, to be with her. But she is interested in Alex.
Because Alex is different.

Soon after he is thrown into a world he never thought possible. A world where he and others like him are the last line of defence. A world where an ancient unspeakable evil lurks.
Evil which seeks to consume him.

My Review:
Don't you just love the tense moment in the book title is used? Gosh, so do I ;)

This book is packed with literally everything you could possibly ask for in any book. I love this book to pieces and is my first urban fantasy. The mix of the supernatural creature all in one book was an enjoyment and refreshing as many of the books that I have come across only focus on the one. Everything was so perfectly written, with detailed descriptions that fascinated me, and Alexander's narration throughout the book is goes through the stages of funny, sad and serious. I loved the small details during the school scenes that made it more realistic, believable, and relatable. All the characters where all so intriguing and I loved reading about there in-depth history, also how when you learn about a character they get their own character chapter in their point of view.

The twists don't stop, which made this book such a page turner!

To compared this book to another I can only say that if you are a fan of I Am Number Four, which I am, there are some similarities here, the new powers and also the hunting of the boy. But where I Am Number Four focuses more on one person, The Awakening includes the whole world, including us! I also think that Alex is much more of a certain character whereas Number Four is more search-for-everything-and-things-may-happen, which makes Alex much more likable as a character.

One downer to this book is the punctuation mistakes. You will come across the occasional "oh, they missed speech marks here" but other than that everything else in awesome :)

If you enjoyed reading books like:

Gone - Michael Grant

The Maze Runner - James Dashner
I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore (aka James Frey)

Your will enjoy this book, most definitely!

Recommend or Not? Yes, yes, yes! I really hope this will be the next big thing! Stuart Meczes has done a brilliant job and I have to bow down to the creativeness in this book!

Best Quote:
"When presented with a choice, some choose to be benevolent whilst others choose malevolence only then are they evil, not before."
Happy reading :)

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